Babysitting Richmond

babysitting RichmondChildren are priceless, they are the most important thing in a person’s life and their safety and wellbeing is paramount at any one time. We cannot stress enough how important this is to us as a company providing a high – responsibility service such as babysitting. We understand that caring for your children is a task which cannot be left to just anyone. This is why we can provide our customers with reliable, trustworthy babysitters when you need them the most. The world we all live in makes us be extra cautious toward people we don’t know and earning one’s trust is no easy task.

We faced up to the challenge of short listing and selecting a number of individuals able to perform this high-responsibility task effectively, sensibly and safely. Each one of our trained babysitters has undergone additional in house training to hone their skills further and make them even more efficient in their work as our customers’ trust and peace of mind is of utmost importance to us. Babysitting is hard work, even though it might not seem this way from a side, this is why our babysitters are all over twenty one years of age and have undergone psychological and stress liability testing prior to commencing work. They have all passed a security and police background check.

Living in a multicultural world sometimes means speaking a few languages so if you need a babysitter able to converse in another language we may be able to arrange that for you too, just give us sufficient prior notice. Taking advantage of our babysitting service will give you a chance to reclaim your social life back and spend time with your partner away from the kids, as little time as this might be it is important for you and we will do our best to make it happen. The babysitting service is available as daycare and evening babysitting. A booking can be made for any day of the week, please speak to our consultants for hourly rates and minimum hour bookings.